Yet another chance to kick off your Start Up in Pomerania

All Pomeranians interested in new technologies probably know infoShare conference by now. It is great opportunity to get into newest trends in the fields of mobile, science and marketing. In 2014 it will be great opportunity for startups too! 

This year infoShare will host Startup Contest for everyone with innovative idea at Startup Zone. You all will have a chance to present and consult your business projects in front of more than 2 500 IT specialist, investors from all over the Europe, successful businessman and creative marketers. The best Startup will win the prize of 6 000 euro and acceleration and mentoring opportunities.

Judging criteria are as follows:

  • Problem that Startup target and proposed solution;
  • Business model: revenue streams, customers, market;
  • Team competence and experience;
  • Ingenuity and originality of Startup;
  • Reason for being part of infoShare Startup Zone.

Entry deadline is to the end of March and up to 30 startups will get to the next stage which includes mentoring with experts. It is totally free and semifinals along with the finals will be staged at conference itself so either if you win or lose you will have your 5 minutes at the big stage!

Startup Contest is organized by Starter Incubator for Gdansk. To all of you who will take up the challenge we wish you nothing but success and see you at infoShare 2014!

You can find more info here: