The how-to-guide for writing a great teaser— find investors in record time

In the process of finding investors startups comunicate their ideas to funds through a document known as a teaser. Submitting a teaser is an important and often underrated step for getting investors. Having a good idea not always decides if you’ll get funded, however delivering it well can bring that turning point in your life.

A good teaser is the vehicle that can leave a good impression about you, your team and your projects. Think of it as a movie trailer. It aims to convince in a short period of time that something’s worth watching. Our staff receives many teasers every day and dealing with them is not always an easy job. See below some tips our employees put together to make your teaser appealing, easy going and to the point, which can dramaticaly increase your chances of getting investors.

  1. Be straight to the point

  2. Describe precisely your goals, avoiding jargon, irrelevant words, tech or scientific terminology

  3. Describe in detail how your business will bring revenue

  4. Give clear data, facts and information about your market research

  5. Avoid writing biografies about your team members. Instead make a short but precise description of their role in your project, skills, expierience and eventually academic background

  6. Avoid having team members without a well defined role

  7. Don’t make uncertain predictions, unrealistic promises about your project

  8. Have a team. People that try to do everything by themselves often end by doing nothing at all

  9. Be very clear about how much money you need and make a clear description of it’s purpose by the numbers

  10. Don’t write too little or make too general descriptions