The exhibition “From Jan Czochralski’s monocrystal to graphene” is now open!

On march 17th  at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology there was an  inauguration of an interactive, multimedia exhibition, showing… the achievements of Jan Czochralski – Polish scientist, originator of the world-famous method of obtaining single crystals called Czochralski’s method. The official opening of the exhibition was conducted by the authorities of Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Physics; Rector – professor Jan Szmidt, Dean – professor Miroslaw Karpierz and Head of Exhibitions – doc. John Grabski.
The representative of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth prof. dr hab. Eve Talik of the University of Silesia gave the inaugural lecture, the representative of the company Polkomtel pointed to the new technologies used in mobile phones.

The central figure of the exhibition was a student embodying the character of Professor Czochralski that pulled crystal tin before the audience.

“You can create a lot of inventions, with a head full of ideas” – said at the opening Rector of Warsaw University of Technology, encouraging the guests and school children to explore knowledge on Jan Czochralski, his achievements and the impact on the development of the electronics world.

On more than 20 interactive multimedia stations we can see, among others, exhibition on monocrystalline, high-speed laser using graphene structure, the impressive dimensions of the single crystal silicon, or Polish infrared detectors. At each station, the students, carry out experiments before the audience and explain how they work in an accessible way. There is plenty of entertainment and trivia for the visitors related to the world of science and new technologies.

The exhibition at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology is open daily from 9:00 – 16:00 and will last until March 23. On weekdays, will be available to secondary schools and in the weekend for a wide audience. Registrations are accepted by schools form at the website

Admission to the exhibition is free. During the exhibition there will be a contest, to win a phone with LTE.

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Partners: Polkomtel, Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego Teraz Polska, Black Pearls