Take part in the “Business Maze” during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013

This Friday, on the 22th of November, 2013, as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013, we are organizing a competition called “Business Maze”. The event will take place in the largest business center and office complex in the northern Poland – Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk (OBC). Join it with your friends today!

The rules of competition between teams will be similar to these, applied in urban games. Participants will be hosted in the OBC companies’ offices, solving the tasks connected with entrepreneurship and business. The team which gets the highest score will win the game!

In a good ambience, participants will meet with various business communities located in the buildings of Olivia Gate, Olivia Point and Olivia Tower. After the competition is finished, a short summary will be held and the winners will be announced.

More information and registration at: