“Super Strong”- 25 years of local government. Solidarity is within us.

On October 15, 2014., The European Solidarity Center ( ECS ), Gdansk Centre for Local Democracy Development Foundation ( FRDL ) is organizing a conference to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Polish local government reform under the title “SUPER STRONG” – 25 YEARS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT. SOLIDARITY IS WITHIN US. The event is covered by the patronage of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, President of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz and Marshal of district Pomorskie Mieczyslaw Struk.
The keynote of the conference is to analyze 25 years of local government in Poland in historical perspective and to emphasize the continuity and development of democratic thought on the example of the current achievements of local governments from Pomorskie and diagnosis opportunities for the future.

In addition to the large group of regional civil servants from Pomorskie, it is expected the arrival of the 50-strong group of local government representatives from Ukraine, who will speak in the debate under the title “What conclusions on the functioning of Polish local governments can be used in the reform of local government in Ukraine?”.

For volunteers we`ve provided the opportunity to acquire tickets to the conference by participating in competitions organized by the FRDL. The first contest: called “Why you?” Consists in answering the question: “Why do I want to participate in the conference? ‘. 20 authors of the most interesting justifications will receive an invitation to the conference. Replies should be sent by e-mail:, email should be titled: Competition – Why You. The content should include your name and telephone number. The second competition called “My self-government for the next 25 years. Vision of the future “depends on identifying the most interesting works of art in any form: art, photographs, film, music, poetry, graphic, etc. Manuscripts should be sent to the e-mail address:, with the title: Competition – government 25 years later. Size of e-mail can not exceed 4 MB. The file name should be the name of the author. Email should include your name and telephone number.

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