Review of the best health-care mobile applications

In the time of incredible popularity of smartphones we would like to mention also about the mobile apps which can help patients – to monitor their condition – and doctors, in order to better diagnosis and more accurate results of the medical examination.

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are changing style, how both patient and doctor, may approach the treatment. These days by using smartphone or tablet, it’s possible to read blood pressure, asthma symptoms or measure the level of glucose. Furthermore, apps can easily enable patients to track and gather data about their health status.

Here are the list of some of the most interesting and handy samples. They’ve got the potential to make health care more efficient, reduce amount of examinations and what’s more important to speed diagnosis.


That’s one of the oldest apps on the market and till now – very well-established. Epocrates provides physicians information about the drugs application, its proper dosage, adverse reactions and dangerous interaction with other medicaments. There is also a possibility to check the alternative products. Worthy to say, it’s going to replace the Physician’s Desk Reference.



With the help of this app, doctors have the access to the reference materials (about 10,000 topic reviews), which is useful while making treatment decisions. It contains the publishing platform with the latest clinical knowledge. Its users claim than thank to UpToDate the level of treatment improved significantly, including better hospital quality performance, reduced time of stay in the hospital or even lower mortality.



It allows to make pictures of a patient’s problems i.e. wounds or rash and send it directly to the patient’s medical record (by using personal doctor’s email). Through this solution it protects privacy of the patient because it doesn’t store the picture on the mobile. This simple idea meets with the interest of plastic surgeons and dermatologists especially.



Isabel is the easy diagnostic tool, created to prevent the situation of misdiagnosis. All the doctor has to do is to enter symptoms and he/she will get possible diagnoses immediately. Of course, its goal is not to replace the doctor but to exclude the risk of missing, tendency to focus on irrelevant symptoms or to broaden the possible search. It may be also useful for medicine students as an educational tool.



Doctors get access to medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications and additionally, bibliographic references for each formula. Exemplary formulas: “O2 Transport Parameters” or “Bicarbonate Deficit”. With this application the outcomes go easily and quickly, what is incredible helpful.


As we can see, this area may develop further in this direction and combine achievements of medicine and technology. We hope there will be more and more such an revolutionary innovations in this sector and maybe, developed in Poland.

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Photo: (CC) by IntelFreePress