Rebel Module – the future of construction

On Tuesday, 9 June, Sopot’s horse-riding track became the heart of eco-friendly technological solutions used in modular construction. Our portfolio company – Rebel Module – organized a conference titled “Modular construction – from an idea to implementation” (“Budownictwo modułowe – od idei do realizacji”), an event whose main aim was to present an alternative way of building houses and convince people of its safety and efficiency. Among speakers, there were crucial partners of Rebel Module – companies like Cembrit, Fermacell, Steico and Structview, which provide certified elements used by the host of the conference. Participants could also listen to the conference’s patron the President of Sopot – Jacek Karnowski. In an opening speech, he admitted that he is fond of the development of energy-efficient construction and willing to support initiatives whose aim is to make people aware of its value and long-range importance.

Modular construction – history and facts.

During his own panel, the founder and main architect of Rebel Module Krzysztof Droszcz, introduced his business branch while talking about its history and adding interesting facts. Modular construction is a topic that is about 100 years old. It was founded in New Jersey, USA before 1920 and according to Droszcz, the first modular buildings are constructed in a more modern way than the majority of those built in the XXI century.

What is so special about Rebel Module?

The company implements comprehensive services for the design and construction of prefabricated modular homes using the developed technology. These objects are of the highest quality passive buildings with high energy efficiency, designed by top professionals. The extraordinary fact about Rebel Module is that the building process of a house lasts up to 8 weeks. Despite being so fast, the company focuses on being also the best when it comes to quality and safety. The company has had its own production floor for two years and takes care of the whole process of constructing, ranging from designing to building and assembling.  Rebel Module works internationally as most of its buildings are exported to Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So far, modular construction has been appreciated mostly in developed and rich Scandinavian countries where at least half of the houses are passive and modular ones. However, nowadays, those trends come to Poland and that is why the company receives increasing recognition in our country.

The main benefits of modular construction offered by Rebel Module are:

  • time savings – the whole process of constructing a modular building and assembling it is reduced to minimum (~ 8 weeks)
  • efficiency – because of eco-friendly materials and modern technology, money invested in a passive building is quickly regained
  • design – Rebel Module’s philosophy “less is more” can be easily visible while looking at the projects. They are simple and, because of it, exceptional. Modern, however, not kinky
  • certainty – a buyer can be sure that the cost is fixed and that the house is going to be on the spot in the right time – such inconveniences as bad weather conditions are not an issue because the whole production takes place in the factory


The conference’s main focus was to raise awareness of energy-efficient construction as well as inform about the technologies used by Rebel Module. Judging from the crowds in the meeting room, more and more people believe that leading a healthy lifestyle means not only eating, but also living in an eco-friendly, efficient house. According to those gathered in Sopot’s horse-riding track, Rebel Module represents values worth fostering and supporting. “If you invest your money in values represented by the place you live in, it is the best choice you can make” – said a man who trusted Rebel Module and now lives in a passive, modular house of its design and build.

Black Pearls VC is proud to be a part of the eco-friendly modular construction represented by Rebel Module. The mutual cooperation proves that merging effective business with a technological idea results in success and professional fulfillment.


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