Project Description

Solution: The company has been developing a solution to improve the quality of human life in the area of mobility and rehabilitation of persons with injuries of upper limbs on the basis of an IT system supporting post-traumatic tele-rehabilitation. The system ensures precise and personalised programming of exercises by specialists to support registration, remote supervision and automatic control of the exercises performed by patients at home. Ultimately, the system is to ensure ongoing control over the rehabilitation process and intervention, in particular when the exercises are performed at home.

Co-investor: An investment in the project was also made by Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A. (Pomerania Development Agency).

Innovation: The application of tele-rehabilitation will be of special importance for handicapped people and those who live in areas with difficult access to specialist rehabilitation services.  It is compliant with the trend to use IT solutions in health service, promote a healthy lifestyle and to prevent disabilities and injuries.