Rebel Module Eco

Project Description

Solution: The company has been involved in a project to develop technology used to implement innovative and economic solutions in the sphere of modular social construction. The project relies on a building production technology and development of new materials to generate buildings characterised with low maintenance costs and high energy savings.  The solution has been developed by well known architects from the Tricity – the Droszcz family.  The project is a response to the growing demand in the European market for buildings that would be fast to assemble, prefabricated, of high quality, low maintenance costs, with a number of facilities for elderly or handicapped people.

Partners: Interest in the solution has been expressed from Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Innovation: The unique feature of the solution is the speed of production and savings relate to building maintenance as well as the ease of transfer to other locations.  This will provide for multiple use of a residential module once it has been fully developed.