Quantum Lab

Project Description

Solution: The company has been involved in a project aimed at developing a global pioneering solution to read retail consumers’ emotions on the basis of their face images; in retail business the quality of customer service and their satisfaction is of primary importance for salespeople since it may be translated into customers’ willingness to return, increased sales and improved service quality.

The results of the research can be used also in the defence sector and contribute to improved safety at mass events and at airports and border crossings.  The results of the solution developed by Quantum Lab have become of interest to organisers of the largest fairs in the defence sector held every year in Kielce.

Partners: a pilot implementation project is being under way in the USA as a result of cooperation with a retail chain with several thousand retail outlets.

Co-investor: Maciej Grabski’s capital fund Business Angel Seedfund, Polish-Norwegian capital fund CRT Capital, Profound Venture.

Innovation: The project is based on developed algorithms in the sphere of computer vision, artificial intelligence and psychology that provide for an analysis of face images in terms of occurring facial expression changes.