Project Description

The company PHK activities are related to the modern processing of vegetable raw materials (crumb), then resold obtained intermediates for individual producers to their further modification. For the purpose of future activities company has developed specialized production line, which will lead to changes in the traditional and at the same particularly inefficient method of processing raw materials for the primary stage for a more efficient method of treating them. Innovative technological specifications of the future of the production line has been built on the basis of a number of studies and research carried out in collaboration with the Laboratory of Advanced Environmental Analyses in Elblag and located in Science and Technology Park, as well as in cooperation with numerous production entities.

A new method of processing will increase several times the current processing capacity and contribute to the use of these plant parts that previously were allocated only for losses due to the lack of proper manner of their treatment. The technology will allow for innovative treatment process plant materials that find their application in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, architectural and textiles.