Project Description

Solution: A solution is designed for intelligent management of parking spaces in urban agglomerations and at public facilities. The task of the system is to make it easier to look for parking spaces, to save time, reduce infrastructure costs and to improve the capacity and effectiveness of parking lots.  The universal nature of Parkanizer facilitates the use of the solution in “smart cities” areas which will be translated into improvements in urban traffic and reduced environmental pollution in city centres.  Parkanizer is being developed in cooperation with a team of scientists from the Wrocław University of Technology.

Co-investor: The project was also supported by a sectoral investor – Norwegian capital group BT Signaal, specialising in Intelligent Transportation Systems and the private Polish-Norwegian capital fund CRT Capital. The system has been implemented on a pilot study basis in Piekary Śląskie and Tarnowskie Góry. Its effects have got wide national and regional media coverage and have aroused a lot of interest of other cities managers, so the further pilot studies are planned.

Innovation: The project covers the development of the best technical solution for identifying occupancy of parking spots and communicating it to car drivers and city parking managers with the use of mobile application and web panel. The future development of other functionalities in mobile application is planned, i.a. introducing automatic payments or possibility to book a parking space in advance. Creating seamless driver experience at all the stages of parking process in one app, and at the same time supporting effective parking policy planning lay at the heart of Parkanizer.