Project Description

The company offers innovative reseach products for pre-school and schoolchildren. The products aim at widening
children’s knowledge gained at school and they let them do scientific experiments on their own. The products’ main
task is to improve the quality of learning according to the rule: “Tell me and I will foret, show me and I will
remember, let me do this on my own and I will understand”.
Funiversity was launched for childen in order to help them discover and understand the fascinating world. The
company offers interactive workshops and lectures on physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and archeology. It
encourages and inspires children to look for knowledge, get to know themselves and the world around them through
wise and comprehensive fun.
During classes, children transform into scientists and discoverers. It is easy for them as scripts are adjusted
to their age. The classes are led by experienced and well-equipped animators. They teach openness, building
relationships with peers and adults, courage in thinking and asking questions as well as finding answers and