Project Description

Company’s core business is the development and operation of two modular system dedicated to residents of rural areas. The first module will focus on digitization of administrative processes at the level of the mayor and his contacts with the council of the municipality. The advantage of using the system will be labor-intensive tasks to optimize the mayor and serve on improving communication between residents and municipality units.

The second module is designed for farmers and agricultural business environment, which will offer a wide range of services related to activities undertaken by them in their daily work, e.g.:

  • intermediation in the sale of agricultural products – vegetables, fruits, plant products or animals;
  • brokerage services in rural hardware – mainly machinery rental;
  • mediation in seasonal work on farms, including the option of outsourcing workers from abroad;
  • intermediation in the sale of agricultural inputs – fertilizers, pesticides, energy;
  • insurance intermediation and financing agricultural investments.