Pomerania chose smart specialisations

Competition for smart specializations in Pomerania region started last year. In June we were explaining this concept in an article “Smart Specialisations of Pomerania region”. Today we are proud to announce that a partnership coordinated by Black Pearls VC is one of four chosen to build smart specializations in Pomerania.

Regional Board of Pomerania Voivodeship adopted a resolution officially determining smart specializations and starting negotiations with Partnerships. Here are the chosen specializations:
– off-shore technology, sports and logistics,
– interactive technologies in an environment saturated with information;
– eco-efficient technologies in production, industry, distribution and consumption of energy and fuels;
– medical technology in terms of lifestyle diseases and aging period.

Long Healthy Life Partnership lead by Polpharma SA and coordinated by Black Pearls VC focuses on innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lifestyle diseases and aging. Partnership contribute to the reduction of social and economic costs of lifestyle diseases and the aging period, thanks to the commercialization of innovative solutions in areas such as:
a) a comprehensive and customized solutions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment;
b) a system of care for people with disabilities and the elderly.

We would like to congratulate all partnerships and wish good luck with negotiations. Made a great effort but the real challenges are still ahead of us.

Official announcement:

Photo: (CC) by eutrophication&hypoxia