Polish Space Agency in Gdansk

On Friday Polish Parliament approved a special act dedicated to establishment of POLish Space Agency (POLSA). For the Pomeranian region, however, the most important information is an acceptance of the amendment of Senate, which points the location of headquarter of the agency in Gdansk. 

The Act on the appointment of POLSA is a consequence of Poland entry into the European Space Agency, which was supported by all political parties. Establishment of the Polish Space Agency will allow the construction of an efficient and stron space sector in Poland.

Amendments to the Act, including suggestion to place the agency headquarters in Gdansk, were reported by the Senat in August. Now, after the approval of the majority of them in the Parliament, the Act has yet to be signed by the President.

The Agency should become operational at the beginning of 2015. Budget of the Agencz will not exceed 5-10 mln PLN per year. The Agency will meet consultative and advisory function in the development of the space sector in the country.

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photo: CC