Poland one of the top investment destinations in Europe

Probably, in 2 years Poland will become the 4th in Europe and 14th in the world, the most attractive country for investments. This statement is a result of the survey – World Investment Report UNCTAD 2013.

Every year investors from all over the world, participating  in UNCTAD survey, are asked about the places where they would like to invest in the nearest future. Poland has a competitive position also according to other researches.

For example, the results presented in Ernst&Young Report states that Poland is a leader of investment growth in Europe. While an average European amount of investment project decreased by 2.8%, according to 2011, Poland reported increase by 22%! Just in 2012, the foreign investments created about 67% more workplaces than a year before. What’s more, one investment project indicates 88,6 workplaces. All together it gives 13 111 new workplaces! The report also ranked Poland on the 1st place in the region of Central and Eastern Europe in terms of investment competitiveness.

Additionally, for the first time since 2006, after 7 years of uninterrupted dominance of the Czech Republic, Poland took 1st place in the ranking of Polish-German Chamber of Commerce, on the investment attractiveness among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The results of the report shows Poland as the most attractive country for German investors across Central and Eastern Europe. 94% of surveyed investors would invest in Poland again.

According to the latest calculations of NBP, inflow of foreign direct investment this year reached 3.57 billion USD, exceeding already the results given by GUS and NBP for the 2012. Furthermore, FDI Intelligence, in its FDI Report 2013 indicates that the number of greenfield projects Poland increased in 2012 by 5%. Among the European countries, in addition to Poland, only Spain reported a growth.

We hope that current results will grow soon and the forecast mentioned above will come true, or even would be better!