Partnership with SimLE

Ambitious young people are great innovators. They do not have mind boundaries and restrictions that can be typical for more experienced entrepreneurs. That is why they are so creative and full of surprises. We encourage young people to search for their own paths and projects and to prove that what we takes as impossible is just a matter of motivation and stubbornness. But our encouragement is not just some words in the internet. Earlier we announced our partnership with students business organization, Students Forum of Business Centre Club to promote entrepreneurship amongst Pomeranian students together and now we are proud to announce next partnership.

SimLE is an organization that associate Pomeranian students by making joint projects. Their first work, Skyhawk Flight Simulator is a piece of excellent engineering , a mobile platform simulator that can teach the basics of piloting the light aircraft. It is designed and produced by students of few Universities but the home for the project is Gdansk University of Technology. Students are using the Skyhawk to learn through experience by doing elements of the simulator as a class or graduation projects.

Our partnership with SimLE will be based on business support for the project and helping these young, inspiring people to fund their work. It is not cheap to build mobile platform simulator and that may be one of the reasons that there are just few of them existing. So if you or your company share our enthusiasm towards active students and creating innovative technology please contact us or the SimLE team directly. All investors will be granted promotion opportunities and more.

If you are not convince yet just watch the visualization of Skyhawk, which is planned to be finished by the end of 2015: