Partnership with SF BCC for entrepreneurship education

Although lately we wrote about evolution in school textbooks, educational system in Poland still has a lot to work on. One of the improvements needed is an approach to education of entrepreneurship. In many cases students just scratch the surface, at best. Comparing this to the growing role of startups and SME in Poland economy, we lack the proper program for youngsters to develop necessary skills before they enter the market.

Thankfully, where educational system seems to be maladjusted NGOs goes in. Non-government organizations are filling the gap in school programs. Furthermore they provide workshops and trainings for academic students as well as entrepreneurs of all age. In Black Pearls, we understand an importance of their work and education value. This is the reason we decided to go into partnership with one of the most active NGO that promotes entrepreneurship amongst young people – Students Forum of Business Centre Club.

We had a pleasure to work with SF BCC in many occasions as key speakers on their events, mentors and co-organizers even. We conduct workshops on BOSS Festival to determine whether HR department is important in small company. Marcin Kowalik, our Managing Partner, presented future trends in business at Young Business Festival. Together we organized Business Maze, an event which allowed students to visit companies from Olivia Business Centre in a form of a game.

That is why we are fully convinced our support for this particular organization will effect in many opportunities for Pomerania startup environment and students to develop the set of skills to achieve success and build innovative business. We cannot wait to present effects of this partnership. First occasion will be Young Business Festival in October – it is going to be one of the biggest conference for young entrepreneurs. We will be there and we hope to see you as well!