Our newest partnership is official

Today we are proud to announce our newest partnership. Together with Radom Center of Innovation and Technologies we will be helping companies and project from Radom in fields of funding, accelerating and mentoring startups and research units to create healthy and fruitful business environment.

 In our mission to create strong innovation-oriented entourage in Poland and connect the worlds of business, science, administration and academics into network of cooperating specialists working for the innovative economics we are more than happy to consider RCIT one of the fellow partners. Thanks to such collaboration polish companies can be more efficient in finding solutions for people problems of everyday life and Poland can be consider one of the Europe leader in innovation developments.

Radom Center of Innovation and Technologies is an initiative focusing on supporting local young companies, commercialization of science discoveries and transfer of knowledge. To obtain more information about RCIT we encourage to visit their website:


For more information about partnership and how can we help you in building and monetizing your business do not hesitate to contact us at