Mobile World Congress 2014 from QuantumLab’s point of view.

QuantumLab is a group of software engineers and one of Black Pearls’ investments. Recently they visited Barcelona to promote their application How Are You App at the Mobile World Congress 2014. We’ve asked them about their experience and reception they received at the fair.

What is How Are You and why did you take it to Spain?

It is an application for mood tracking, kind of a personal journal. The How Are You App was developed as an easy tool for self-improvement and better mental health. We took it to Spain to show people that self-tracking has a big potential to improve mood, which is very crucial.

We went to Barcelona because of the Poland IT initiative. It is a campaign for promotion of polish IT/ICT sector conducted by our Ministry of Economy. With their help we will be able visit other fairs like CeBIT, Futurecom, IT Innovations Expo and Japan IT Week.

What is Mobile World Congress?

It is the biggest industry-defining event in the world. Both big global corporations and startups are heading to Barcelona to present their products or inventions. Maybe that is why 85 000 attendees from more than 200 countries took part in it!

How MWC was different than similar events that take place in Poland?

The scale of the event for sure, number of exhibitors, the fact that everything was organized perfectly and the beautiful weather in February. And what’s most important – we had a chance to see companies and meet people that we would not have a chance to meet otherwise. It was a big opportunity for How Are You App and other polish companies.

What was your day like during the congress?

We woke up, went for a baguette and coffee, took the underground and then got lost in it. ; )

When we finally got to Fira Gran Via we were selling How Are You App. We were also spectating at big exhibitors like HTC or Samsung that tend to put on a real show with cars, dancers and presentations of their newest products.

How many people visited your stand?

More than a hundred. We were one of 8 polish companies that were present at the Poland IT section. We were glad that we could see interest in our App from the people.

Which polish companies were present there?

MaxCom – a producer of telecommunications equipment

QBurst – provider of web and mobile applications

Masspay – mobile payment operator

Cybercom Group – software engineering  and IT consulting company

Versoft – software developer and security audits company

Velis – independent software vendor for business  (CRM/CAFM/BPM)

Are there any benefits of your participation in this event?

We have met some potential customers and partners and also made a lot of people aware of polish IT and it’s strength.

Were there any ideas or products that you believe to succeed in the near future?

Good question. Like I’ve said before It’s not about startups and innovation it’s about companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm, LG, Intel and IBM presenting their products. Most of them are already well known so I did not find anything that will rule the world in next couple of years (not that I was not hoping for that).

How would you evaluate the organisation of MWC? Where there any problems that you had to overcome?

Everything was done as it should but you have to keep in mind that  the event is very expensive and you have to be prepared to take additional costs (except entry fee that is 749 euro) and pay quite a lot for meals at the site or the ability to enter special zones called “Networking Gardens” .

Could you give some advice to polish IT companies going to an event like MWC for the first time?

First of all, you have to prepare really good. As I said earlier – big companies that are known in the world come there to amaze and draw attention of everyone. If you want to be seen you have to work for it and show something more than your product. Secondly, when you meet someone new – email them the same day to establish contact, it’s good to help others remember you and your company. Finally, set goals and a plan for your attendance. Make a list of companies and people you want to meet and try to meet with as many of them as you can.

What does the word “innovation” mean to you?

Making something better than it was before not just by improving it but by reshaping how people think about it.