Marcin Kowalik


Entrepreneur, investor, Co-founder and managing partner in Black Pearls.

From the beginning of his professional career he was involved in the creation and development of innovative entrepreneurship among young people. As the Divisional Director in structures of the Foundation for Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship he was responsible for creating organizational structures in the early phase of development.

In 2007-2009, Marcin co-created and directed as the CEO the TA Group – technology company, which is a pioneer in implementing of solutions in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

In 2009-2012, co-founder and Investment Director in an investment platform named Gemstone Partners. He was responsible for building and controlling of company’s portfolio. Involved in projects related to education, automatic control engineering and robotics, virtual entertainment, outsourcing of processes, logistics and ITS.

PhD student at the Faculty of Management, University of Gdansk. Earlier he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management, in Lazarski University School of Commerce and Law in Warsaw and also post-graduate studies at the University of Gdansk with specialty – Controlling the management of the company. He also studied at the Higher School of Information Technology under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Marcin is also Member of Committee of Stakeholders of NCBiR (National Centre for Research and Development) and Member of a Board of Interizon Foundation – responsible for coordination of the biggest ICT cluster in Poland.