Map your startup in Tricity!

Tricity is becoming one of the major startup hubs in Poland. We are proud of that, because it means more and more people becoming aware of possibilities that stands behind leading innovational company. It also fight the bad stereotype of Poland being as little as outsourcing center for bigger, western economies. Everyday polish startups proves that stereotype wrong!

As a token of appreciation we decided to add a little something to Pomerania startup scene. A little things, like showing were your startup is located and in what environment it works can positively influence creative entrepreneurs. We present Pomerania Startup Map!

Leading startup hubs like Silicon Valley, Israel or Berlin mapped their startups to promote them, available easier networking and connection of possible business partners. We intend to do the same – thanks to our map startups not only shows themselves but can track potential partners, investors, places to help their venture, interesting events for startups and institutions that supports business.

We encourage you to check Pomerania Startup Map, add your startup to the map (if you are not there already) and track organizations and events that could help your business grow. In time we can build startup environment as big as the one on Silicon Valley map!

Check out Pomerania Startup Map at