Maciej Mickiewicz

bp-1Maciej is a MEng student in Transport Engineering with specialization in transport infrastructure, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology. In 2013, he gained a bachelor of engineering degree (BEng) at the same faculty. In his thesis described in details are all currently available (or in the development phase) space transportation systems. The paper presents a simulation process of choosing the most relevant space transportation system using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and SuperDecisions software.

Since 2009, he is participating in a project of the webservice, which explains the space sector to professionals and general public. In 2010, together with group of people, he created an incumbent-company in the Academic Business Incubator (AIP), dealing with management, financial and development analysis, obtaining business contacts and writing of articles. Maciej is a co-founder and CEO of the Ltd., which provides a set of services to local and foreign companies interested in the regional space sector.

In our team, Maciej is involved mainly in data mining activities and carrying on research in the field of business, new technologies and innovations. He is also working on business strategy analysis and marketing projects, supporting the PR department with his academic experience.