LQT – we improve the quality of life

In the last few decades, the demographic structure has undergone a radical change. The elderly constitutes majority in the society due to the fact that less and less children are born. Moreover, the fast development of medicine and technology makes the average life span longer. Not only are people older, but the pace of life and lack of time are also burning issues. Our ageing population living in the world deprived of time needs technologies and devices that would make their lives simpler and more comfortable.

According to Artur Dragan*, in the early 1950s, the average life span was 47 years. Nowadays, it is more than 65 years. Experts assume that in 2050, people will live more than 75 years averagely. In 1950, there were about 200 mln 60-year-old people (or older). Now, there are more than 500 mln and in ten years’ time, there will be 1,2 billion elderly living on the Earth. The perspective of such a rapid increase of population makes people think about the future. If our population gets older, the need of coping with ageing process becomes a vital issue.

In Black Pearls VC we see and understand this shift and that is why we are concentrated on finding technologies that would improve the quality of life of the ageing population. The needs of elderly are different than those of younger generations. The longer people live, the more various and challenging their needs are. The key is to develop technologies which would make their lives more comfortable. The second aspect of Life Quality Technologies concerns the fast pace of every-day reality. Time deficiency and quantity of incentives make people’s lives more difficult. Life Quality Technologies are aimed at improving this situation.

LQT is a term often used in our messages or articles. But what LQT really is?

Life Quality Technologies are those that enhance the quality of life. They are usually related to such topics as:

  • medicine
  • sport and healthy lifestyle
  • easy access to technology
  • user-friendly devices
  • time-saving technologies
  • design


As a result of the offers evaluation for joint projects submitted under the first call to the BRIdge Alpha, our offer entitled „Life Quality Technologies… – Technologies enhancing quality of life in the face of demographic transformation” received the positive recommendation of the selection team in National Centre for Research and Development. That is why we created Black Pearls LQT Fund and are looking for projects that are consistent with the LQT idea. Life improving technologies  are most likely to obtain financial support. The Fund assumes a three-year investment plan while investing up to 1 000 000 PLN. If you have a business idea which would improve the quality of life in any given subject, we are open to any sugestions. In order to plan your business well, you can always use bplanner – the tool helps you design your idea and gives you the ability to introduce new products to the market directed to large corporations, institutions or training companies.

We are sure that the joint project of Black Pearls and the National Research and Development Centre will contribute to the development of cooperation between science and business. Our common goal is to increase the supply of the results of R&D among investors and maximizing the effects of public spending on R&D in Poland.

The idea of Life Quality Technologies is definitely worth supporting. We are looking for projects which have a real chance of helping the society and enhancing the quality of life. Apart from being noble, our activity gives real value that can translate into real results in the future. We are sure that this way of thinking about investing is the right one.


Read more about Black Pearls LQT Fund HERE.



* Dragan Artur, Starzenie się społeczeństwa polskiego i jego skutki. Kancelaria Senatu, Biuro Analiz i Dokumentacji, 2011


Photo credit: CC via flickr by Evil Erin