Is HR department important in a small business?

This and many more questions were answered at Festiwal BOSS 2014 where we were invited by Studenckie Forum Business Centre Club. We are always happy to share our knowledge with others. In fact the more we educate young entrepreneurs the more we can count on their innovative ideas.

Due to that approach we can meet on various conferences and workshops. We have pleasure to work with different students organizations such as SF BCC and it is more then satisfying to watch does young, ambitious people working hard to prepare such an events.

This time Dominika Łobodzińśka, HR specialist at Black Pearls encouraged students to answer the title question and to imagine how does HR department and people involved in it work. During the workshop young entrepreneurs and future HR specialists discussed common communication problems and tried to find their solutions, planned recruitment process, learned about supporting tools in the department (IT tools, motivation etc.) and found out the most popular reasons for job changing. The session concluded with an employer branding exercise about setting goals and actions for a company.

We are extremely pleased by the work every group of participants did. The case was seemingly trivial: we wanted to hire an assistant for the company CEO. And we did it from the scratch. This means setting map of competence, profile of the candidate and that is just the initial prep. Next task was to write proper job offer and plan the channels of communication with the potential assistants. And the real problem was still ahead – how to asses one skills and competence? Few things were repetitive like job interview but what is important that every group had their own unique ideas. We must admit the audience were really creative!

Once again, we are very happy for the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise and are open for another possibilities of appearance on similar events. If you have something in mind – don’t hesitate to contact us!