IIQ 2014 Entrepreneurial Update

Second quarter of 2014 has passed and we are happy to report our progress. Although summer time usually means looseness and leaves for many, the work on innovations never stops. For one, we are developing our network of partners to work together on pressing matters. We are also participating in many events. Remember: if you want to meet up you can check our event calendar and let us now!

Below, we would like to present a list of our accomplishments of the second quarter of 2014:

  • We conduct a workshop with Innovatika on business model creation for international consortium of ACCUS project, where top managers and engineers are building the most advanced smart city platform in the world,
  • We developed an interactive map of Tricity startup environment, companies, investors and other business related places for entrepreneurs to know and use,
  • Black Pearls jointed Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association, a community of like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs that recognize the importance of innovations for polish economy,
  • Our advisor on innovations, professor Mario Raich, published a book about reinventing the future with partnerships, care and creation,
  • Cezary Szczypa, our Business Relations Specialist received a Young Leader of 2014 award at 18th Business Gala in Radom,
  • Gabriel Roszak, our Investment Manager and CEO of SUTO delivered a speech during infoShare 2014, one of the biggest tech and new media conference in Poland,
  • To enforce the entrepreneurship amongst students we made partnership with Students Forum of Business Centre Club, one of the most dynamic and active students organization in Tricity,
  • Polish edition of Galileo Master contest closed the registry with top 5 quantity of applications worldwide, which is a great success,
  • We participated in several events including EIT ICTLabs, Innovate Teaching in Business & Management conference, Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014, Bitspiration Festival, 4th European Financial Congress, European Space Solutions 2014, Japan IT Week, Initiate Development Forum 2014 andPoland Luxembourg Business and Financial Forum,
  • Wojciech and Radosław jointed our team. Wojciech became R&D Director and Radosław jointed as Investments Director. To check out more about new employees and their field of specialization check About page on our website.

As always we thanks everyone that participate in our efforts and allow us to reach these achievements. With the second half of the year we are hoping to bring even more to the table, especially with new opportunities that came with 2020 Horizon and Smart Specializations of regions.