How Technology Can Increase Our Life Quality

The quality of life can be expanded across multiple areas of human life, ranging from healthcare and ecology to international development and culture. And technology already plays a major role in all of these sectors.

However, it has not always been like that. Technology has been commonly linked to
coldhearted robots, convoluted devices and dangerous machineries. Nonetheless, recent
breakthroughs such as smartphones and wearable devices have earned their places in our everyday lives so much that they have become indispensable.

Healthcare is one of the fields that have adopted technology at a slower pace. The amount of novelty and data was overwhelming. Still, placing technology at our disposal has seemed to serve us well. Today, with the use of wearables & userfriendly
devices we measure our blood pressure, monitor our sleeping and sports activities, evaluate sun exposure and air quality, which allow us to make educated decisions.

Even more important, technology serves as a life saver. The recent innovations in the 3D printing industry has solved many prolonging and hurtful medical procedures. 3D printed hearts, bones and prosthetics are just a few of the breakthroughs that allow humanity a second chance to life.

Not to mention the invaluable possibility of having all of our medical data stored in cloud, easily accessible and also exploitable for research, prevention and treatment purposes. It is also important to mention that this utility is backed by strict regulations and security practices in accordance with the amount and level of information.

When it comes to ecology, a higher quality of life means thinking twice. More specifically, it implies investing in environmentally friendly technologies to positively revolutionize industrial processes. For example, electric cars are more than just a hypethey are a choice. Similarly, renewable sources of energy outrun the massive amounts of toxic waste eliminated for the past decades. Recycling materials reduces the quantity of exploited resources & generated waste. All of these actions contribute to a better life quality, especially in the urban areas where the amount of waste is enormous. And the list can go on.

On a macro level, quality of life includes international development. Emerging countries experience a higher economical level when correlated with industrialization and implicitly, technology adoption. It has also exponentially grown the productivity levels in almost any industry. For example, when it comes to mass manufacturing, big data has an important position due to the amount of information that indicates problems and allows predictions.

One of the aspects where life quality embraces technology and impacts us individually is the employment sector. The way we work today has fundamentally changed in the past decades. International collaboration without relocation are possible due to technology. Broadly speaking, technology has created opportunities where there was none. All of this would not have been possible at a such high scale without realtime communication, remote work, automation softwares and digitalization per se. To a certain extent, technology has become a new and fastly
spreading language.

Presumably, the most optimistic view on this topic is that it can increase and replicate substantially. Going digital has also influenced our education and culture. We selectively look for information whenever, wherever and for free, and most importantly, we share it further. By doing this, we also influence our social circleshere, the popularity of social networks proves it best. Likewise, collectively contributing to social causes, crowdfunding, civic movements, exclusively online, in the comfort of our own homes has led, more than once, to massive realizations. We’re just one click away from empowering peace, solving problems and surpassing cultural gaps. We get more human than ever.

It’s undeniable the fact that embracing and nurturing technology and using it as a powerful mastering tool can lead to extraordinary global realizations. It relieves pain, feeds, empowers and changes our mindsets. It connects us in a way that nothing else did before.

Photo credit: (CC) by Thomas Rousing