Hack3city – 3 project paths, 7 days, 30 teams!

Hack3city is a hackathon event for all the passionate people with IT interest deep in their hearts. It will take place in Gdańsk, in Pomerania region of Poland. Contestants will collaborate together in teams of three and try to tackle unique tasks prepared specialy by our co-organizers: Estimote Inc., Intel, Playsoft and Microsoft.

3 project paths!

Hack3city will consist of three separate project paths and each team can pick the one that seems most interesting and suits them best.

7 days!

Teams will work remotely for 5 days to prepare for 48h finals taking place in Gdansk. This way they will have enough time to learn all about the hardware and create the best concepts.

30 teams

We estimate that about 30 teams will take part in our hackathon. With three members each that gives us almost 100 contestants!


Hackathon is not just a chance to win great prizes worth over €3500 – it will also serve as an opportunity to meet new people, share your knowledge and impress potential clients, employers or sponsors.


Hack3city is a part of infoShare IT & New Media Conference. It start on May 5th and will last for 7 programming-filled days. Prizes will be handled during the conference itself.

Number of participants is limited.

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