“Cyberness: The Future Reinvented” by professor Mario Raich

To do business means to work with people. The more inspiring your network is, more you can achieve. In our case we have great opportunity and privilege to surround ourselves with exceptional minds. It is obvious to us that we owe our success to those people as much as to our hard work. One of the most inspiring man we met and are happy to call our mentor is professor Mario Raich, international authority in innovations.

Professor Mario Raich, aside of Learnità (London based network of know-how and expertise for innovation), shared his knowledge and experience in form of a book. “Cyberness: The Future Reinvented” is a must-read for all entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, sociologists and tech-savvies. It refers to creating sustainable and happy living environment through forging partnerships.

“Cyberness is a new term referring to a positive state of the future. Cyberness is a vision of a new world, including a new way to look at society, at the economy, and the forms to which we need to harness Cyber-Age. The fundamental principles of Cyberness are partnership, care and creation. Cyberness describes future living, where we blend real and virtual worlds, we embed artificial intelligence for creating a sustainable decent life for all inhabitants on the planet. Cyberness is not a Utopia – it is a call for society to shift gears and adapt new paradigms in order to secure the planet for generations to come. Cyberness is an urgent call to get out of the comfort-zone.”

The book is available to buy on Amazon here: