Cezary Szczypa

bp-5He graduated in Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw. Additionally, he also took part in the series of trainings “School of the young leaders”. During higher education he was an active part of the student’s environment: being the Student Body President at his university and the head of the Forum of Polish Universities, where he gained his experience in the area of managing, cooperating with numerous educational institution and budget management.

In years 2009-2013, he became the vice president of the Polish Students Parliament Foundation. His main responsibilities include: supervision over the activities of financial and economic entity of the State Treasury Minister, organization of training courses and conferences, activation of the entrepreneurial attitudes among students, work management and supervision over the outsourced activities by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, responsibility for the implementation of EU projects and the organization of social campaigns.

Since 2012, he is the director of development at Dragomex MK company where he is responsible for the contacts with clients (especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine) and full supervision over the process of testing equipment to optimize the energy consumption in the urban lighting.

Cezary’s hobbies are survival, cookery and auto racing.