Black Pearls VC contribution to the EU Start-up Initiative consultations.

Are there any EU-level actions to facilitate start-ups creation? Are there any obstacles that the entrepreneurs have to face while growing their businesses on the Single Market scale? Public consultations to better understand European entrepreneurs’  needs have been launched by the EU Commission. Black Pearls VC Venture Partner Ewa Treitz participated in the consultations to provide valuable feedback as the ecosystem’s representative on investor side.

The consultations are aimed to support the EU-wide Start-up Initiative to create favorable conditions for European entrepreneurs to kick off and grow their businesses. They have covered legal support system, monetary advantages for startups, investment landscape and access to talent among others.

Being involved with startup commercialization and scale up, Black Pearls VC is committed to provide feedback regarding policies that lead to a more vibrant startup ecosystem in Europe. As a venture capital investor focused on supporting innovations, Ewa Treitz underlined the importance of support for intellectual property creation and capital availability for research-based start-ups. Black Pearls VC position expressed in the consultation process was that that more financial incentives should be given to business angels who invest their private capital in startups. Also, attracting top-talents to the EU has been identified as one of the priorities.