Black Pearls at the European Space Solutions Conference 2013

Between 5th and 7th of November in Munich took place an European Space Solutions Conference. Our representative was present at that event, as the only one of three other attendants from Poland.

The European Union (EU) as well as the European Space Agency (ESA) has entered a new phase of development of the space sector, during which two major programs will be implemented. These programs are called: Galileo (European satellite navigation system) and Copernicus (Earth observing system). Both of these satellite systems have been developed from funds coming from all EU members, also including Poland. However, Polish participation to both Galileo and Copernicus program was so far very limited.

As both systems are close to the operational phase, attention shifts towards effective applications for virtually every type of the customers. These applications can be utilized for personal and entertainment use, as well as for areas such as traffic, disaster, renewable energy monitoring and public security. A number of these applications are already available on the market as commercial products, generating profits and attracting investors. Many of these were found and later supported through “Galileo Masters” and “Copernicus Masters” competitions.


Conference’s participants during the lectures

The European Space Solutions Conference is an event which presents the most sophisticated methods of using the satellite data for different terrestrial applications. It is also a chance for ESA experts to present concept of the future satellite missions and their possible impact on various issues, such as urban development monitoring or measurement of climate change in different parts of the world.

At the European Space Solutions Conference was held also a gala, during which winners of “Galileo Masters” and “Copernicus Masters” competitions for 2013 were announced. Sadly, any polish idea have not won any of the numerous main or sub-prizes of this competition.

Over next years, more attention will be given to support and introduction of Galileo and Copernicus-based satellite applications. It is a good place for Black Pearls and its partners, who have expertise in various ICT and remote sensing technologies, to develop or finance commercial applications based on Galileo and/or Copernicus data.