BIHAPI in Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk

BIHAPI contest for creators of innovative applications for residents of Smart Cities starts now in Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk. Its effect may be an applications to enhance the safety of the elderly or platform useful in urban recreation, but not only. Submissions for the contest will run to November 4th. 

What is BIHAPI ?

BIHAPI is a contest dedicated to popularization of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and open data provided by telco operator and cites. BIHAPI invites all programmers (small & medium enterprises, entrepreneur, students, individuals, etc.), to create new innovative application, system or services using Telco and Web

Contest goals

  • the possiblities of creating new innovative services and applications based on Telco&Web APIs / WebRTC / Open
  • promotion of OpenMiddleware conception created by Orange Labs
  • engagement of OpenMiddleware Community (SME, Developers, NGOs, VC, students) in creation of new sources of incomes

Black Pearls is on of the partners in BIHAPI contest.

More details about BIHAPI: