An opportunity to build your professional image since year one at University and why to do so

Do you want to fulfill your academic times with practical experience, make a great step in your career early on and learn how to work and manage project team? It is easy to achieve, you only have to try!

In Pomerania we have a very attractive academic environment. A lot of active students doing inspiring projects in chase of knowledge and honing their skills. It is based on their awareness of the job market and its requirements. Students that work hard from the get-go are simple more attractive for the employers and have bigger chances of securing good jobs in their fields right after graduation or even during studies.

There are few ways to gain that edge. One of course are internships. Wisely chosen internship is an opportunity to learn valuable practice skills (definitely not coffee-making!) and to prove yourself in the eyes of employer. Another way to enrich your resume is contributing your work into students organizations and NGOs. On the contrary to the internships you can consider that way of learning as a experimental field for your ideas. You can even develop an student organization into serious company if it sets off. Furthermore NGOs are usually voluntarily so in addition to showing your interest and engagement to your future employer you can let yourself to learn hard way on your mistakes. It is also fully time-flexible so you do not have to sacrifice any of the other academic experiences.

One of the most active and effective students organization in Pomerania is Students Forum of Business Centre Club. It successfully introduce students of every Tricity university to business world and vice versa. Adding even more, the events organized by SF BCC are consider fully professional and having a membership and active involvement in this particular organization in your resume is a clear message that you are active and poses basic skills highly valued by employers.

If you are willing to work on your professional image during your academic studies Students Forum of Business Centre Club is recruiting right now! We had a pleasure to work with these young people and are happy to recommend them. To learn more about the organization and join it visit their site and fanpage on FB:



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