Alexander Lubański as panelist at European Rover Challenge 2014

Friday will mark the beginning of the major event dedicated to space engineering and industry – European Rover Challenge 2014. It will take place in Regional Science and Technology Center in Chęciny, Świętokrzyskie Voivodship and go over the weekend. It will consist of two main parts – European Rover Challenge and Humans in Space Conference.

European Rover Challenge is an international competition, where science and engineering teams from all over Europe compete to design, construct and operate space rover adapted to the conditions present on planet Mars. Teams will face not only the challenge of building their own rover, their handy works will be tested by the serious of quests and tasks that the real rovers faces on the surface of Mars.

Human in Space Conference is an three-day conference of space industry, medical professions, innovators and science teams. The theme this year is importance of human element in planned space missions. The participants will discuss the present problems in space exploration, possibilities that humans can gain through that exploration and alteration to our education and business that is needed to be applied to truly embrace the space missions as a valid path to development.

Program of the conference is aimed at entrepreneurs and academics interested in space sector. Many speakers are considered authorities in the subject, like Rober Zubrin, the president of the Mars Society from US, Bożena Lubińska-Kasprzak, President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and member of the Management Board of the European Network of Innovation Agencies, Prof. G. Scott Hubbard from Stanford University with 20 years of experience working with NASA, Grażyna Hanclewska, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economy and many more.

Among experts invited for the panel discussion “Space Policy and Entrepreneurship” is Alexander Lubański, Partner in Black Pearls, which make us especially proud.

We are dedicated to innovations and developing space industry in Poland is one of our goals. We encourage each and every one of you to participate in the event and take active role in discussion.

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