3Hack Party in Tricity at the end of summer!

Work never stops for entrepreneurs. Although we still have summer, there are opportunities for startups, investors and specialists to network and learn. In two weeks, 29th of August, 3Hack Party will be held in Atelier Club in Sopot. The event will be special for few reasons. First, it drops the official, conference-like style for good atmosphere and loose talks instead of staring at presentations. The place will enhance that feeling – Atelier Club is one of the known spots for young professionals to relax and have fun after work. This way 3Hack Party will promote networking and meeting new people, possible business partners.

Second, the event will be full of news and rumors from high-tech products and solutions. It is directed to both business and technology innovators. During 3Hack Party you will get familiar with newest trends, talking with people that developed them. If you are interested in new technologies, you cannot miss it.

Third, it is a great way to mix business with pleasure. You can connect with potential business partners on a party, with a cool drink in your hand. Atelier has a beach facilities, so we will also have a chance to relax and benefit from meeting by the sea… maybe last time this year!

We will see you there. Not only we will be present – we support the event as a organizers. For more information, checking out the crowd and signing visit